Man Killed by Mob for Stealing Two Goats

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A man in Jinja has paid with his life for stealing two goats. The unidentified man in his early 20s was this morning beaten to death by a mob in Kainogoga in Mufubira sub-county, Jinja. John Arinaitwe, the Jinja District Police Commander, says death was too high a price to pay for the mere allegation of theft. He says the cases of mob justice are on the rise in Jinja, with at least an incident reported every fortnight. Arinaitwe suspects that the largest numbers of participants in mob justice cases are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He says other people are merely ignorant of the law and are impatient that the police are not seen to be acting as swiftly as desired. The District Police Commander says mob justice is a criminal offense and regardless of the reasons for participation in it, those found guilty of the crime will be sent to jail. //Cue in: iOur laws #i Cue out: i# commit crimes.i// Residents of Jinja have mixed feelings in regards to mob justice. Robert Okwakol and Moses Lyavala represent the two major views on mob justice. Okwakol says many innocent people are killed by the mob action. However Lyavala says this is a small price to pay for police inaction. //Cue in: iWho knows #?i Cue out: i# to kill people.i// The body of the mob justice victim is lying at Jinja Hospital mortuary.


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