Manifesto Prioritizing Key Areas Affecting Youths Unveiled

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Uganda Youth Network has launched a new manifesto outlining key areas affecting youth in the country. The manifesto outlines Education, Health, Unemployment and lack of the participation in decision making as the biggest challenges facing youths in Uganda. As a result Uganda Youths Network is planning to sell the manifesto to various political parties to priorities issues affecting youths. Launching the manifesto at Hotel African today, youths leaders acknowledged that they have been used as pawns by people seeking political power. Ahmed Hadji, the Program Officer, Youth Plus Policy Network says that youths in Karamoja are no-longer looking at condoms or contraceptives pills as an issue. Hadji says that 52percent of youth in sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing early pregnancies and the number is on the rise. He explained that there was need for those vying for political offices to make concrete promises to the youth before they get their votes. //Cue in: "The entire Karamoja... Cue out: ...the disease."// Helen Okiring the Project Office, Uganda Youth Network says despite the fact that youth comprise about 65 percent of the Ugandan populations youth programs are designed without their input. She argues that any program implemented on behalf of the youths without their involvement is not meant for them. Okiring says that they have development a mechanism to quantity all the pledges government will make in the field of health, education, employment and youths participation in decision making. Florence Ndagire a Lobbyist and Advocacy Officer at Uganda Society for Disabled Children says that Uganda has the highest school drop out rate in Africa. She appeals to government to address the drop out rate in Universal Primary Education - UPE and the Universal Secondary Education. Ndagire who is blind demands that government increases its budget allocation to education to address issues like livelihood skills through vocational training. //Cue in: "People with disabilities... Cue out: ...left out."// Asuman Basalirwa, President of Justice Forum during the launch called on the youths to make themselves relevant. According to Basalirwa, youths don not need to demand for preferential treatment but broaden their campaign for good governance, justice and employment through restoration of cooperative societies. This is not the first time youth are coming up with a manifesto. In 2005 the International Republican Institute, the Deepening Democracy Program, United Nations Democracy Fund, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the National Endowment for Democracy helped youths to draft their manifesto.


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