Mao Predicts Rerun in Presidential Elections

1040 Views Moyo, Uganda
Democratic Party presidential candidate, Norbert Mao, predicts a rerun in next week's elections. According to Mao, none of the candidates is strong enough to win majority support. In a rally in Moyo town, Mao said the presidential race would be tightly contested until the end. This is at odds with an opinion poll released by Afrobarometer yesterday in which 65 percent of Ugandans surveyed said they would vote for Yoweri Museveni on Friday next week. Norbert Mao said it is erroneous for any candidate, particularly Museveni, to believe he is in the lead in the race. He said people in the Busoga region lost confidence in Museveni because of poverty and those in Greater Northern Uganda won't vote for him because they were abandoned during years of armed rebellion. Mao argued that Museveni doesn't even enjoy support in western Uganda since the fortunes of people there are no better than those in the rest of the country. He said the opposition will easily win Buganda due to a belief that Museveni is opposed to the rule of their Kabaka. Mao said voters should prepare for a rerun. He offered himself as the solution to the problems plaguing Uganda, promising to heal the nation, create jobs, provide quality education and opportunities for youth to engage in business. On Kizza Besigye's Inter Party Cooperation, Mao told the people of Moyo to shun any alliance in which the views of a single party override any others. He said real unity in the opposition would only happen if Besigye and the Forum for Democratic Change open up to positions and policies of other parties. Mao likened Besigye to a failed football player. He said Besigye had been granted two penalty kicks for the presidency, which he squandered. He said the FDC boss would not succeed at his third try. Norbert Mao addressed rallies in Lefori, Obongi and the Moyo Mayor's Gardens. ###