Maracha SS Closed after Second Fire

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Maracha Secondary School has been closed after the outbreak of two fires at the school in the span of just three days. On Friday last week a dormitory at the school in Maracha-Terego district caught fire. At the time the police suspected that it could have been the work of arsonists. Their suspicions were confirmed by the headmaster of the school, Anguyo Pariyo, who revealed that he had received an anonymous letter threatening his school with attack. Early on Monday morning another dormitory at Maracha Secondary School was set ablaze. The dormitory was burned to the ground and hardly anything was saved from the inferno. Anguyo Pariyo says the students were sent home to protect them from further attack. He notes that there is no where to house the students and they will be forced to commute from home once the school is reopened. The damage to Maracha Secondary School is estimated to be around 150 million shillings. Repairs are not expected to be complete within the next three years. The school headmaster has become very superstitious following the fires. He says he believes the dormitories were burned by supernatural evil spirits that are not happy with developments at the school. This belief has spread to the students. Denis Acema, one of the fire victims, is adamant that the fires were not caused by people, but by ghosts. The police are however taking a more pragmatic approach. The District Police Commander, John Kibalo, says inquiries into any enemies of the school or its administrators are ongoing. He has vowed to find the cause of the fire and prosecute anyone involved.


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