Municipality Evicts Boarding Students from Bwala Muslim Primary school

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In a January 25th, 2017 letter to the Chairman Board of Governors, Bwala Secondary school, the Town Clerk Innocent Ahimbisibwe, notes that the classroom block that was being used to accommodate boarding students isnt meant to be a dormitory.

Masaka Municipality has stopped Bwala Secondary school from running a boarding section in the structures of Bwala Muslim Primary school. Bwala Secondary school has been accommodating its boarding students in an entire classroom block at Bwala Muslim Primary school for the last 11 years.

The two sister schools are located on Bwala hill in Katwe Butego division. The takeover of an entire classroom block by Bwala Secondary school created a classroom crisis for the primary school. Now, Masaka Municipal authorities have stopped Bwala Secondary school from using the facilities of Bwala Muslim primary school.

In a January 25th, 2017 letter to the Chairman Board of Governors, Bwala Secondary school, the Town Clerk Innocent Ahimbisibwe, notes that the classroom block that was being used to accommodate boarding students isn't meant to be a dormitory. 

According to Ahimbisibwe, the classroom block has deteriorated due to mismanagement and is on the verge of collapsing. He also says due to lack of sanitary facilities, secondary school students have been sharing sanitary facilities with pupils, which is inconveniencing.

URN visited the classroom block Bwala Muslim Primary school on Monday afternoon and the found the classroom block that was being occupied by their secondary school colleagues empty. Although not a boarding school, Bwala secondary school started admitting boarding students to earn some income. 

The proposal was endorsed by Muslim leaders led by Sheikh Swaibu Ndugga, the rival Kadhi Masaka district allied to the Kibuli Muslim faction. Hajj Abubaker Gayinamungu, a member of Bwala Muslim Primary school board has welcomed the eviction of boarding students from the primary school. 

He says it's unethical to mix secondary and primary pupils, adding that the secondary students were acting as parasites on primary school pupils' facilities. Last month, Masaka Municipal council also closed 20 schools for operating illegally. 

Steven Kakeeto, the Principal Education Officer Masaka municipality, says no school will open this term until it has fulfilled the minimum requirements. According Kakeeto, most of the schools lack operational licenses, qualified teachers and sanitation facilities.

Closed Schools:
1.Good Will Nursery and Primary school
2.BM Mother care Nursery school-Nyendo
3.Ebenezer Nursery School-Nyendo
4. Delight Light Junior Academy
5.Taqua Primary school
6.Gracious Primary school
7.Smart Junior School
8.Fatumah Primary school
9.MAPE Primary school
10.Redeemer Institute of Beauty design and commercial studies- Kyabakuza
11.Aunt Rachael Primary school
12.God's Grace Primary school
13.Winner's Foundation Mixed Day and Boarding Primary school
14.Rahmah Junior School
15.Lucky Primary school
16.His Grace Nursery School
17.Kyabakuza Parents Primary School
18.Nyendo Islamic school
19.Winner's Foundation Mixed Day and Boarding P/s
20. Hana Junior Day & Boarding P/s


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