Masaka Reserve Force Commander arrested over Nyendo Shooting

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Masaka reserve force commander is arrested over bloody Nyendo shhoting which led to the death of 3 year old child. The number of those arrested has now reached to five. They are to face court martial.

Peter Bimanywa, the operations Commander of Masaka Reserve Force, has been arrested in connection with the bloody shooting at Nyendo that led to the killing of a 3-year old child and injuring of seven others.

Police picked Bimanwya together with three other reserve force operatives at their barracks located in Nyendo last evening. Other suspects arrested together with Bimanywa are Isaac Kayemba, Ssenyonjo Gonzaga, and Vincent Bukenya.

Noah Sserunjogi, the southern region police Spokesperson says Bimanywa has been arrested for commanding the indiscriminate shooting at crowds in Kitaka Zone in Nyendo during the walk to work protests which led to the death of Juliet Abigail Nalwanga.

Sserunjogi explains that police is investigating Bimanywa for allegedly deploying his junior reserve officers to quell the walk to work protests without the clearance of the joint security committee.

According to Sserunjogi, police had only called in UPDF soldiers and military police from Masaka Armored Brigade to reinforce anti riot police after the walk to work protests overpowered them but operatives from the reserve force were not approved.

Police also closed the Nyendo reserve force barracks temporally until an investigation into the indiscriminate shooting is complete.

Peter Bimanywa, the detained Reserve force commander has not yet commented on the matter. But Isaac Kayemba, one of the detained operatives says their arrest is unfair. He says he never participated in any shooting but he was shocked to see police turning around to arrest him. He claims that they participated in quelling protests at invitation of army officers and police commanders.

Kayemba also denies allegations that he shot at protesters during the April 21 Walk to Work riots.

On April 22, Kale Kayihura, the police chief arrested Paul Mugenyi, an operative of the Nyendo reserve force over allegations that he shot and killed Juliet Abigail Nalwanga, the 3-year old girl. According to Kayihura, all the reserve forces operatives involved in the shooting are to face the Army Court Martial.

Seven other people were shot and injured during the walk to work protests in Nyendo which turned violent after security agencies opened fire to disperse protestors who had cut-off roads leading into and out of Masaka.

Police has also implimented a security directive by Kale Kaiyura to disarm all Local Defence Unit operatives