Masindi Finance Secretary in Trouble Over Corruption

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Kanaginagi Atenyi, the Masindi district secretary for finance and administration, has been one of the most influential politicians in Masindi district, but his star is suddenly waning, with a scathing probe report into his alleged involvement in corruption scams. The report signed by Raphael Baku the Deputy IGG, states that Kanaginagi while serving as the district secretary for education, between 2002 and 2003, messed up an eight-million shillings needy students' bursary scheme. The IGG's report also shows that Kanaginagi used his office to enroll five of his children and dependants into the scheme. According to the IGG's report, Kanaginagi registered his biological children and claimed that his driver, Nyendwoha, was the father of the children whereas not. the IGG says Kanaginagi denied the needy students an opportunity to benefit from the bursary scheme and blames him for disguising the parenthood of his children, contrary to section 8 of the leadership code. In addition, the IGG found out that the needy students' scheme neither had guidelines nor a defined selection, denying the tax payer value for money. Kanaginagi is also in trouble for the wrongful inclusion of her daughter, Mary Bahune, on the district payroll. Bahune appears on the payroll of Bokwe primary school, as a teacher. But the IGG found out that the woman received up to 1.3 million shillings, despite the fact that she has never taught at the school. The IGG says that Kanaginagi must refund the money and face disciplinary action. The IGG has recommended that Kanaginagi must be dismissed and civil servants who abused their respective offices in respect of the scheme be punished. Kanaginagi has been ordered by the IGG to show cause why he should not be dismissed from office as district councilor for Pakanyi sub-county and as an executive member of Masindi district. Kanaginagi is Steven Birija's right-hand man, now facing a test to wield an axe on his political darling. Having sacked his former vice chairman Jacob Karubanga last year over corruption allegations, critics are keen to see how Birja will react to this scenario. Kanaginagi claims innocence and wonders why the investigations findings are being made public now.


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