Mayoral Candidates Brim With Confidence

1784 Views Kampala, Uganda
Erias Lukwago, a key contender for Kampala’s Mayoral seat, is confident that if the polls are not rigged, he will win by 80 percent. Speaking to journalists after casting his vote in Makerere Kivulu, Lukwago said that he would win because the voters have realized the folly of electing self-seeking mayors. Some voters have been heard arguing that the choice of mayors should be shifted from faces and ideologies to issues affecting the city. Former Mayor, Nasser Sebaggala has during his reign been constantly confronted by issues of sanitation, poor roads, tenders and taxes and welfare of workers. Today, the main issues are development of the city, infrastructure management and employment. Lukwago says that as mayor he is ready to meet all these challenges. The ruling party candidate Peter Ssematimba is equally confident about a win in today’s election. As the clock ticks, Ssematimba has been bringing the heat from the confidence in the ruling party numbers. Ssematimba tried to whip up enthusiasm and support as best as he could through his own radio station, Super FM, and also through the ruling NRM party support. Until last week, the five other candidates have been baying for Ssematimba’s head saying that he should be disqualified from the race. They argued that he was behind the mess that fraught the February 23rd election in the city. However the vote today could be affected by the low voter turn especially in Kampala central division, where voting numbers are very low. To win the election, one of the six candidates in the mayoral race will be expected to get 50-percent plus one vote. ###