Mbabazi Accuses Museveni Supporters of Provocation

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In short
The recent incident in Ntungamo was the culmination of a number of attempts to harm my person first by attempting to pour petrol on my car in Rubare, intimidation and assault of my supporters in Ruhaama.


According to Websters dictionary, the term ‘militia' refers to "a military force that is raised from a civil population to supplement a regular army in any emergency; a military force that engages in rebel or terrorist activity, typically in opposition to the regular military or all able-bodied civilians eligible by law for military service."

I would like to categorically state that TDA(U) - Go Forward does not subscribe to any such organization. I have and will continue to call for a peaceful handover of power from one leader to another. The recent incident in Ntungamo was the culmination of a number of attempts to harm my person first by attempting to pour petrol on my car in Rubare, intimidation and assault of my supporters in Ruhaama, human barricades, sealing off the main road to my campaign procession in Ntungamo Municipality and lining the road to my public rallies in Kajara, Kiture in Ruhama and Ntungamo Municipality with stick wielding persons dressed in President Museveni's t-shirts (Case No. CRB2188/15).

Since the beginning of this campaign my supporters have had to deal with similar incidents, including the defacing of my posters, the superimposing of Candidate Museveni's posters over mine, luring away of boda-bodas with inducements of money, fuel and t-shirts. These incidents happened in Masaka, Mukono, Mityana, Luweero, Iganga, Kasese, Bushenyi, Lango sub-region, Arua, Gulu and Kigezi. These illegal electoral acts are perpetuated by RDCs, State House employees, some crime preventers, security operatives, army officers (Fort Portal & Gulu) and some police themselves who have been found to be complicit in these acts either by omission (Ntungamo) or Commission (Mbarara & Fort Portal).

After my Mbarara rally, our lead boda boda mobilizer, Ssalongo Swalik Wasswa Mawejje, was killed on his way back to Kampala. The killing occurred under very suspicious circumstances and we eagerly await the police report.

The various mobilizers that I travel with have, throughout all these provocations, exercised maximum restraint. The clash in Ntungamo was a spontaneous response to the endless, well orchestrated, life threatening provocation that had been meted out by 400 President Museveni T-shirt clad, stick wielding men. The Police at the scene looked on hopelessly, despite their ready access to peace keeping paraphernalia which could have been used to arrest the situation.

TDA(U) - Go Forward has repeatedly requested for redress from the Electoral Commission (EC), the Police and the courts of law, having failed to receive any help from the EC in the first place. I trust that they can now see the urgency of resolving this matter expeditiously. I also urge all my supporters to continue to remain calm and exercise restraint in the face of provocation. This they must do as they also document any acts of lawlessness by those who seek to derail us from our objective.

Today, our coordinators in Ntungamo; namely Boaz Kamwesiga and Sulait Amanya have been arraigned before court on assault charges and remanded up to Monday 21st December 2015. This assault is allegedly against NRM members. This is simply an act of impunity meant to intimidate our coordinators. We will, of course, seek legal redress for those who are being unlawfully arrested.

Our resolve is clear and continues to be that of pursuing a democratic path to the presidency through an election. Our campaigns will go on despite the harassment and we are confident that we shall prevail.

Amama Mbabazi, SC, MP
Presidential Candidate
TDA(U) - Go Forward