Memories of Hornsleth Still Abound in Buteyongera Village

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Two years after Government suspended the activities of the controversial Hornsleth Project, the people of Buteyongera village still hold fond memories of Kristian von Hornsleth, the brain behind the Project. The Hornsleth Village project was the brainchild of a Danish artist and filmmaker, Kristian von Hornsleth, whose goal was to have 108 residents of Buteyongera village in Mukono change their names to Hornsleth through the official legal name change process. Each villager received an identity card showing this change. Hornsleth Village Project, located in Buteyongera, Mukono District, was brought to the attention of the public because of its strange membership enrollment requirements. Although most of the residents of Buteyongera have since dropped the name Hornsleth, they are unhappy about the closure of the Project by Government. Resty Hornsleth Nasimbwa is a teacher in Bweyongedde Church of Uganda Infant School in Buteyongera Village. About 103 pupils are currently crammed into a three roomed temporary structure with a leaking roof while others study under a nearby tree. Nasimbwa says the closure of the Project was a disservice to the pupils. She says Kristian von Hornsleth had promised to build them a new school and provide scholastic materials for the pupils. //Cue in: iWe had a lot of expectations# Cue out: from the Government.i// Nasimbwa is one of the first 12 beneficiaries of the Project. Unfortunately her pig died before she could reap the benefits. She had hoped to get another pig to help her take care of her four children and several other dependants. //Cue in: iI had thought that# Cue out: #my source of income.i// For Sarah Nambozo, a worn-out black tee shirt with inscriptions of