Mental Health Cases to Increase in Uganda

1159 Views Kampala, Uganda
The Ministry of Health predicts a significant increase in mental health illnesses over the next years. The Principal Medical Officer in charge of Mental Health at the Health Ministry, Dr. Sheila Ndyanabangi, says that the prediction is based on a survey carried out recently, which shows that most people in Uganda are suffering from depression. Ndyanabangi says that HIV/AIDS has also contributed to an increase in mental disorders. The survey also states that 20% of patients in Butabika hospital suffer from mental illnesses brought on by HIV/AIDS. The survey also shows that 13% of the people in Eastern and Northern Uganda have attempted to commit suicide, because of trauma resulting from the prolonged insurgencies in the region. //Cue in: we know the prediction# Cue out: #in the medium termi. // Despite the predicted increase in mental Health problems, the Ministry of health appears ill prepared to handle the magnitude of the problem. Dr Ndyanabangi says that the health ministry has got only 26 trained psychiatrists.


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