Mixed Reactions over Simcard Registration Deadline

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Timothy Tembo argues that some people can only register under pressure and supports governments decision to enforce the deadline.

Some members of the public have supported government's decision not to extend the simcard registration and validation exercise, saying ample time was given for the exercise.

On Friday, government announced plans to implement the deadline to switch off unregistered simcards come August 30th. However, a section of simcard users want government to extend the deadline for the third time, saying it is not their fault that the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) is yet to issue them with National Identity card.

Each simcard user needs to validate their simcard using their National Identification Number-NIN found on the national identity card.  However, some of the phone users, say the time allocated for simcard validation is sufficient.

Timothy Tembo argues that some people can only register under pressure and supports government's decision to enforce the deadline.
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Babra Nakintu, another user says she used the extended deadline to register her simcard. She notes that although, it is difficult and tiresome to get the national identity card, the time given was enough and Government should stand by it.
Julius Ariho, another phone user says although the time given to register was sufficient, the process of getting the national identity card is difficult. He asks Government to work with NIRA to solve the problem of accessing the IDs before switching off lines.

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 Ashraf Mbazira, another phone user says Government should have known from the start that simcards ought to be registered. He says cutting people off will make them suffer yet it's not their fault.

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Another mobile phone user and vendor, says simcard registration is difficult for one who is just trying to get an identity card. She says Government should consider giving people ample time to register. She says she had to use her husband's number in order to register her line.

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