Low Mood In Fort Portal Ahead of Mbabazi's Campaign

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Unlike in other towns where there has been pomp and excitement ahead of Mbabazis campaigns, in Fort Portal it is different.

There is a low mood in Fort Portal town ahead of independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi's campaigns in Kabarole district.

Mbabazi is expected to hold his campaign rally at Boma Grounds in Fort Portal today. 

Unlike in other towns where there has been pomp and excitement, ahead of Mbabazi's campaigns, in Fort Portal, it is different.

URN saw only 10 campaign posters of Mbabazi in the streets of Fort Portal.  No supporters have come out to publicly show support for the former premier. 

The low mood could have been a result of poor or lack of mobilisation. Most of the residents who spoke to URN in Fort Portal town say they were not aware Mbabazi had changed his campaign program and is expected to campaign in the area today.

According to the original campaign programme released by the Electoral Commission, Mbabazi was supposed to be in Kabarole on Thursday.

William Kasigazi, a resident of Fort Portal says Mbabazi's agents in Fort Portal failed to mobilise for his campaign because they don't want to be seen supporting him.

Kasigazi also says that Steven Kaliba, the former Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister who is supporting Mbabazi, is no longer popular in Fort Portal. Kaliba will also contest on the Go-Forward platform for Fort Portal Municipality MP.    

//Cue in: "the mobilization team…
Cue out: "…he isn't popular.'//

However, Kasigazi says at the campaign rally, Mbabazi should explain to the people of Tooro what he did for the region while he was still Prime Minister. 

//Cue in: "he has many questions…
Cue out: "…in terms of development."//

Moses Irumba, a businessman in Fort Portal says the voters in Kabarole are not concerned about Mbabazi's candidature because the area is a stronghold of the ruling NRM party. In the 2011 elections, President Museveni garnered 89.2%. 

//Cue in: "NRM party is strong…"//
Cue out: "…there is leadership."//

However, Steven Baguma, a resident of Karambi says that Mbabazi should be given a chance to lead the country. Baguma says if Mbabazi is elected, he should address the poor infrastructure in the district especially in rural areas. 

Baguma says the current government has neglected Tooro region and yet it played a major role in the liberation war. 

//Cue in: "we are the biggest player..." 

Cue out: "...we don't deserve that."/


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