More Foreigners than Ugandans Adopting Children

1535 Views Kampala, Uganda
More foreigners than Ugandans are applying to adopt Ugandan children, the High Court Family Division Registrar has said. John Ochepa attributes the small number of Ugandans willing to adopt children to cultural and traditional norms. He says many Ugandans are unwilling to adopt a child from outside their lineage, choosing instead to adopt orphans or disadvantaged children from their extended families. Ochepa says Uganda's adoption laws are also restrictive and prohibitive and act as a deterrent for people willing to adopt children. The current law requires that prospective parents must have lived in Uganda for three years and fostered the child for 36 months in order for them to be considered for adoption. Probation officers regularly monitor the progress of the adoptive family during the 36-month fostering period, before endorsing the final legal adoption process. //Cue in: iIt is very #i Cue out: i# hindrance.i// Despite this, Ochepa says the number of people requesting for adoption is increasing. He says in 2005, 59 people applied to acquire guardianship of Ugandan children and the number has increased to 78 people this year.


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