Mother dreams on after her six year old daughter is run over in accident

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For years, Mary Namuddu has been striving to give her daughter Annet Zawedde the best life she could afford having separated with her father shortly after her birth. Zawedde was Nov 22, killed in a fatal road accident one of the many on Ugandan roads. Life has not been the same for Namuddu the 25year old mother of three. Zawedde was born on 12 February 2002 after a difficult pregnancy. Although it was a premature birth Namuddu claims, that Zawedde was a quiet baby who did not give her trouble. As an unskilled woman and single parent Namuddu has been struggling through vending tomatoes and silver fish in Nakulabye to keep her family going. Namuddu has been nursing high hopes in her 6 year old daughter Zawedde to improve her life after she completes her education, but the hopes will forever remain a dream. On the fateful day, Zawedde together with other children left for school and they were never to return. Zawedde was run over by a car while returning home. She died on spot. Namuddu did not get an opportunity to talk to her daughter again. To date Namuddu is still ignorant of what transpired on that fateful day. She learnt of her daughter's death from a neighbour. Zawedde's class teacher Salima Voila, at Hope primary school in Nakulabye, describes her as a quiet girl. Zawedde had just joined the school. According to Voila, Zawedde was promising to be one of her best pupil only if she had shade off her shyness. Zawedde is one of the many unfortunate school children who get killed as a result of reckless driving. According to the police spokesperson Kampala extra, Simeo Nsubuga, 12 pupils died last week as a result of road accidents in Kampala. He says that police registered 235 accidents in Kampala alone. He says 74 accidents were fatal out of the 397 registered.


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