Mother, Son Kept in Custody for Fear of Mob Justice

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In short
A mother and son arrested on suspicion of poisoning Amos Mwesiga, husband to the woman and father to the son have declined to be released from police custody. The pair are in fear for their lives as relatives have threatened to lynch them.

Police in Lyantonde district continues to detain a woman and her son who were arrested shortly after the death of her husband two weeks ago.
Juliet Tusingwire (45) and her son Hannington Mwesiga (25) both residents of Buwolobo village in Lyantonde Sub-county-Lyantonde district were arrested for allegedly poisoning Amos Mwesigye (49).
The duo has since been held at Lyantonde Police station without bond as police claims they are protecting them through preventive arrest.
According to Thomas Keith Eyaku, the Lyantonde District Police Commander, police have decided to keep them in custody because some of their relatives have threatened to lynch them if they are out of custody.
Eyaku explains that Amos died shortly after taking a drink suspected to have been laced with poison. He took the drink in the company of his family.
Police is still waiting for the post-mortem results conducted on Amos. The samples were taken to Kampala for testing.
The law states that a suspect should not be detained beyond 48 hours without being produced in court.
Eyaku, however, argues that it is necessary to keep the mother and son in custody for their own safety.
He says police cannot bring charges against the suspects before investigations into Amos's death are complete.
Tusingwire and Amos Mwesiga had been married for over 25 years with 7 children until when the couple had a bitter falling out.
Leonard Lubega Biwolobo, the LCI Chairman, says that Amos several times lodged complaints that he was receiving death threats from his wife Tusingwire and son Hannington.
The suspects agree with the police suggestion that they should remain in protective custody. They say that they can only return home after the case has been resolved.

This is not a unique case in Uganda.

Jackie Uwera Nsenga was taken to Kireka after she was accused of killing her wealthy husband Juvenal, whom she knocked dead as she drove into their home. Uwera lives alone at Special Investigations Unit while her children are at their home in Bugolobi under police protection.