Moyo NRM Voter's Besiege party office

1205 Views Moyo Town, Uganda
National Resistance Movement (NRM) voters in Moyo yesterday locked up the party offices protesting rigged results. Supporters of Anne Auru, a candidate in the just-concluded NRM primaries argued that their candidate lost the elections because of rigging. They claim that the election was rigged in favor of the incumbent Moyo district woman MP, Eugenia Joyo. The Moyo NRM Registrar, Canta Lulua, said yesterday that she was besieged by the protestors who demanded for a re-election. // Cue in: iThe supporters of #i Cue out: i# up to now!i// Anne Auru said she feels cheated and plans to stand as an independent candidate in next year's elections. // Cue in: iIndeed we closed #i Cue out: i# as an independent.i//


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