Moyo Residents Close Sudan Boarder

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Residents of Moyo district have closed the Uganda-Sudan boarder post at Afoji. The closure of the boarder post this afternoon came shortly after residents held a massive demonstration from Lefori Sub County, 24 kilometers from Moyo town to protest attacks by Sudanese People's Liberation Army soldiers. Several residents braced the scorching sun to track the muddy road up to the district headquarters. In the town, they were joined by the residents of Moyo Sub County who have also suffered the brunt of the unruly Sudanese soldiers. Several demonstrators carrying placards baying for the blood of Sudanese proceeded to Afoji border post where they fell two huge trees completely blocking the road linking Moyo district to Kajokeji town in southern Sudan. They vowed to guard the place until Sudanese forces stop harassing them. Moyo Sub County councilor to the district, Hilda Abiyo expressed anger at the mistreatment of her electorates by the Sudanese soldiers. Abiyo says that they are tired of being neglected by the central government and want immediate action. She adds that they are going to evict all Sudanese patients from Moyo hospital and other health centers in the district. //Cue in: iFrom today#i cue out: i#Our districti//. Abiyo also says from this year, Sudanese candidates who have in previous years been sitting for UNEB examinations will not be allowed in Moyo district. Beatrice Elio, the LC 3 chairperson of Lefori sub county is not amused by the silence of the central government over the continued harassment of her electorate. Elio has asked government to step up security in the sub county because the SPLA raid are disrupting the planting season in the area, which has been suffering from hunger. //Cue in: iRight now#i Cue out: i#so we want to know about iti//. Moyo district chairperson, Peter Iku Dolo urged his electorate to remain calm as the as solution is sought to the problem. Dolo said consultations are already going on to resolve the matter peacefully. However, this met stiff resistance from the angry residents who booed him down. Several residents blamed Dolo and the district leadership for not being on the Several shops owned by Sudanese nationals in Moyo town were also locked up by the residents. Security in the town has been beefed up to protect destruction by angry mob.


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