MP Nabakooba, Mityana Councillors Clash over Luwero-Rwenzori Funds


In short
MP Nabakooba is accused of forming groups with an intention of swindling the funds.

A row has erupted between Mityana District Woman MP, Judith Nabakooba, and a section of councillors over the Luwero-Rwenzori Programme Funds.

Nabakooba is accused of forming groups with an intention of swindling the funds.       

Office of the Prime Ministers through Luweero-Rwenzori Development Program-LRDP sent 27 million shillings to Mityana District to benefit five groups. The beneficiaries were chosen by Nabakooba. 

The groups included Kuteesa Alinyikira Development Association, Magala community Development Association, Busunju Community Development Association, Namungo Community Development Association, and Ssekanyonyi Community Development Association.

However, in a recent council meeting, councillors declined to approve the disbursement of the funds to the beneficiaries citing irregularities in the selection process.

A section of councillors led by Apollo Kazungu, the district speaker, alleges that after knowing the availability of the funds, Nabakooba created a number of associations with an intention of personally benefiting from the funds.

Kazungu wants the groups evaluated to ensure that funds are given to the right beneficiaries. 
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When contacted, Nabakooba refuted the allegations saying she is not a member in any of the groups.

"It is so bad for the councillors to say that I wanted to swindle twenty-seven million yet I have been fighting tooth nail to ensure that our district also benefit from the funds as others with an objective of improving the on incomes of our people," Nabakooba said.

However, Henry Ssebuufu, Kikandwa sub-county representative, says that the speaker's argument is based on political sentiments. He explains that some leaders deliberately want to sabotage government programmes.

In 2010, the government launched the Luweero-Rwenzori Development Program to help improve the livelihood of communities in affected by the 1981-1986 NRA guerrilla war and the 1996-2003 Allied Democratic Forces rebel insurgency. The fund targets thirty-nine districts in the two sub-regions of Luweero and Rwenzori.