Mp Odonga Otto Slaps Parliamentary Rival with Shs 90m Charge

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In short
Aruu MP Odonga Otto petitions court to order his parliamentary elections rival, Kidega Nok, to pay Ushs 90.5m for a failed election petition.

The Aruu County MP, Samuel Odonga Otto, wants court to order his competitor in the February parliamentary elections to pay him 90.5 million shillings

Otto is suing Kidega Nok, the candidate of the National Resistance Movement, who dragged him and the Electoral Commission to court for election irregularities. Nok asked court to order a recount of the February 18th votes, but with no evidence, the case was dismissed with costs.

Now Otto wants court to force Kidega Nok to pay him a grand sum for the case.  He says the 90.5 million shillings will cover his legal fees, costs of transport and the meals and accommodation for three lawyers who defended him in court.

The case will be heard today.

Nok has not commented on the new suit. He refuses to concede defeat and insists that the malpractices in the elections were sufficient to call for either a recount or fresh polls.