MPs Recommend UGX 36bn for Teacher Recruitment

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Members of Parliament sitting on the Education Committee have recommended a provision of Shillings 36 billion by government to the Education and Sports Ministry to kick-start the recruitment process of 22,000 primary teachers.

Members of Parliament on the Education Committee have recommended a provision of 36 billion shillings for recruitment of 22,000 primary teachers. 

In its report to parliament presented by the committee Chairperson Jacob Opolot, the Ministry of Education would over a period of the next five financial years need a total budget of 132 billion shillings to recruit the 22,000 teachers with an initial recruitment of 6,000 teachers at 36 billion in the next financial year. 

Opolot noted that the 36 billion shillings has not been provided in the proposed 39 Trillion shillings National Budget.

Once the funds are provided, the Ministry of Education will recruit 5,000 teachers at 30 billion in financial year 2020/2021 and another 5,000 teachers at 30 billion in financial year 2021/2022. 

More 4,000 primary teachers are planned to be recruited at 24 billion in financial year 2022/2023 and finally 2,000 teachers at 12 billion in financial year 2023/2024.

Besides recruitment of primary teachers, MPs also approved the education committee recommendation for the Finance Ministry to allocate addition 6.54 billion shillings to the Education Ministry to facilitate the functioning of two programs transferred by the Gender Ministry. 

"The Committee notes that two projects, the Northern Uganda Youth Development Center and the Uganda Scouts and Girl Guides Association, were transferred from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) respectively without any funds allocated. This created a funding gap of Shillings 2.5 billion for the Youth Development Center and Shillings 4 billion for the Scouts and Girls Guides Association," reads part of the committee report.

Parliament also approved a recommendation for the Finance Ministry to allocate 1.2 billion shillings to ensure that Primary Teachers Colleges (PTCs) conduct teaching practice for the teachers as is required. 

Opolot noted that out of the required Shillings 2 billion by the Education Ministry to facilitate teaching practice in PTCs for 8,000 students at a unit cost of Shillings 3, 000 per day for 84 days, only Shillings 800 million has been allocated in the next financial year budget leaving a shortfall of Shillings 1.2 billion. 

He told parliament that teaching practice is a core activity for all student teachers as it allows them to gain experience in practical classroom situations and is a requirement before graduation. 

Also approved by parliament is an additional allocation of Shillings7 billion to cater for the promotion of 1,200 education officers. 

Out of these 1,000, Assistant Education Officers are to be promoted to Education Officers while 200 Education Officers will be promoted to Senior Education Officers. 

The Education Committee observes that lack of promotions is not only unfair but is also a source of discontent among the officers and ultimately affects their performance.   


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