Mps Urge Greater Supervision of Health Training Institutes

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MPs have questioned the rationale of health training institutes being supervised by the Ministry of Education. The parliament education committee noted that the transfer was breeding confusion and affecting the quality of doctors being trained.

MPs on the Education Committee have questioned the essence of health institutions being supervised by the Ministry of Education instead of the Ministry of Health.
The MPs argued that these health institutions are facing problems they were would not have faced if they were run by the Ministry of Health.
MP Khiddu Makubuya, on the education committee, informed members that while he was still a cabinet minister for general duties, government took a decision that all training institutions except the military and police be housed under the Ministry of Education.
MP Nakayenze Galiwango, a woman representative of Mbale, cited that the situation of Mbale Institute of Health. She said that ever since the Ministry of Education took over, the lecturers and doctors were not happy with the curriculum used.
She explained that the situation had become so bad that medical students no longer had a chance to do their practical exams on patients. The school now uses dummies, the result of which is that students are not skilled enough when it comes to interacting with patients.
Nakayenze urged the Education ministry to review the institutions in order to put right what had gone wrong.
MP Acayo Christine said that the quality of the health institutions at the moment leaves a lot to be desired and alleged that halls of residence are given out to non-students.
She alleged that it is probably because of the curriculum change introduced by the ministry of education that more patients are losing their lives at the hands of practicing students.
She also questioned how effective was the oversight role of the ministry of education on the health institutions. She doubted its effectiveness.
Acayo suggested that all institutions revert to the Ministry of Health to improve the quality of their output and structure.
But the State Minister for Higher Education John Muyingo insisted there had been some improvements. He said although the Mulago health institute still had many problems, the ministry had come up with a better working arrangement.

The new working arrangement came into effect shortly after students went on strike protesting the disconnection of electricity at Uganda Institute of Allied health and Management science formerly school of paramedical.

Muyingo said that his ministry had come to an agreement with UMEME not to disconnect the school. However, the minister confessed surprise that a day before the meeting before the committee UMEME had disconnected the school. He pledged to find out why. 

However, the minister noted that other concerns brought up by the students had largely been addressed. He said that the issue of poor feeding had been solved with varying the diet offered. He also said that the halls of residence had now been restricted to medical students.
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