MPs want ICT Ministry Housed in Communications House

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A decision by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology to pay annual office rent of 360 million shillings is causing concern in Parliament. Appearing before the Parliamentary ICT Committee on Tuesday, the ICT Minister, Ham Muliira, was put to task to explain why his ministry is spending so much on rent. The chairperson of the committee, Edward Baliddawa, pointed out that the Uganda Communications Commission, an agency under the ICT Ministry, owns an entire block of offices at the Communications House in Kampala. He proposed that it would be cheaper to operate at the Communications House than for the Ministry to seek temporary office space elsewhere. Muliira said Baliddawa's proposal was unrealistic. He said there is not available space at the Communications House and that it is managed as an autonomous revenue generator for the Uganda Communications Commission. //Cue in: iUCC cannot subsidize #i Cue out: i#. per square meter.i// However the MPs insisted that 360 million shillings is too much money to be spent on rent and is an abuse of the tax payers' money. They asked that the Uganda Communications Commission should evict some of its tenants in order to create space for the ICT Ministry. The Executive Director of the Commission, Patrick Masambu, said the Ministry would still be obliged to pay rent at the Communications House. He said the Commission requires the money to service a loan from the Spanish Government loan, which was used to construct the building. //Cue in: iCommunications House is #i Cue out: i# for paying rent.i//


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