MUBS, MUK Tensions Worry Students

4153 Views Kampala, Uganda
The acrimonious relationship between the management of Makerere University and the Makerere University Business School (MUBS) has not disrupted activity at either campus. Students at MUBS, which is at the center of a bitter dispute over its autonomy and the authority Makerere University has over it, say the battle has done little to affect their daily work. MUBS and Makerere University are at odds following a High Court ruling in which MUBS was declared an independent institution. Although this verdict is currently being contested in court and both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education have openly spoken against it, the management of MUBS has upgraded its offices to incorporate a Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor. It has also launched a new logo and flag to declare its independence. The new MUBS logo is boldly displayed throughout the institution's campus in Nakawa and the new flag is flying at the entrance. The MUBS students have mixed opinions regarding the conflicts. While some have welcomed the institution's declaration of independence, others are skeptical of the move, saying the autonomy of MUBS may undermine its credibility. //Cue in: iIf MUBS becomes #" Cue out: "# the main campus.i //