Mukono University Guild President in Trouble for Fraud

2405 Views Mukono, Uganda
The Guild President of Uganda Christian University, Alex Waiswa, may lose his office if allegations of corruption leveled against him are found to be true. The Uganda Christian University disciplinary has summoned Waiswa to answer to allegations that he withdrew 12 million shillings from the Guild account and used it on himself. According to the file of charges against him, Waiswa was asked to withdraw two million shillings to purchase a television for the students, but instead took 12 million shillings, which he has failed to account for. Alex Waiswa is also the chairperson of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) at the university. The FDC speaker for Uganda Christian University, Andrew Muhangi, says the party has a zero tolerance towards corruption and promises that action will be taken against Waiswa if he is round guilty. Waiswa insists that he is innocent and is confident that the investigation into his actions will exonerate him. He warns Andrew Muhangi and the other FDC executive members at the university to back off from matters regarding the guild.