Muntuyera High School closed Over Students Strike

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Oddo says they could not take risk of allowing the angry students to stay in school because of the history of violent student's strikes at Muntunyera.

Students of Muntuyera High school in Ntungamo district have staged a violent strike on day two of the second term, prompting authorities to close the school indefinitely. 
Yorokamu Kamaringo, the head teacher Muntuyera High school says a group of senior six students started the strike on a low note on Monday evening a few hours after reporting for the second term.

He says the situation worsened at night when the students refused to eat supper and started pelting school buildings with stones and assaulting staff members. Kamaringo says the students turned violent this morning when Police was called in to intervene leading to running battles.
It took the intervention of Nathan Ahimbisibwe, the Bishop of North Ankole Diocese to convince Ntungamo District Police Commander Baker Kawonawo to have a peaceful dialogue with students instead of engaging them in running battles. 
Oddo Arigye, the Ntungamo District Education Officer says they have resolved to close the school indefinitely until student's grievances are addressed by the school administration. Oddo says they could not take a risk to allow the angry students to continue staying in the school given the history of strikes there. 

He says they have scheduled a meeting on Thursday with the school board to find a lasting solution to the concerns of students. Some of the students who spoke to URN on condition of anonymity attributed the strike to a new policy requiring them to bring into the school a single pair of casual trouser and uniform. 
They claimed that their clothes were confiscated at the main gate shortly after reporting for the second term on the orders of the head teacher. They however vowed not to adhere to the policy. Last term, students in the same school staged a demonstration citing poor hygiene, bad food, lack of clean water source and maladministration.


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