Museveni Blames Slow Development On Award of Concessions to Incompetent Investors

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Citing Kilembe mines, Museveni said that the mines had failed to resume operations because of supply procedures.

The slow pace of setting up investments in the country is a result of the allocation of concessions to incompetent people, President Yoweri Museveni has said.

According to Museveni some of the people given concessions lack capacity to start up investments.

He attributes the problem to corruption among some public officials, a thing he says he will not allow to continue. Museveni disclosed this while officiating at the liberation day celebrations held this afternoon at Nyakasanga grounds in Kasese district.

Citing Kilembe mines, Museveni said that the mines has failed to resume operations because of supply problems and not procurement as it is made to appear. Museveni said that he was aware that some investors have been going to Kasese district over Kilembe mines but they have been delayed for the past two years.

He said that he has given the Privatization Unit, a few months to resolve the issue of Kilembe mines. 

Museveni appealed to the local community to support the investors instead of frustrating their efforts to set up industries that will benefit them.

On corruption, Museveni said his government is determined to make corrupt officials lose appetite for public funds through the enactment of tough laws. He explained that right from the bush war, NRM was motivated by the fight against corruption and criminality such extra judicial killings, rape, poaching and rustling. Museveni said that government had successfully fought extra judicial killing, rape, poaching and rustling but remains with the challenge of fighting corruption.
He boasted that after fighting several vices, he wondered why some people think that NRM cannot fight embezzlement and corruption. 

Museveni said police with the help of NRM sympathizers recently broke into the corruption racket in the Office of the Prime Minister, Public Service and Bank of Uganda.

He however, said that the biggest obstacles to the fight against corruption are political indiscipline and bail. He wondered why courts grant people who have stolen more than 600 million shillings bail, saying this makes the whole matter look like a joke.

Museveni said that he has already proposed amendments to the law in order to accelerate development and industrialization. He promised to do something about the matter.