Museveni Warns Motorists As Cheeye is Laid To Rest


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Veteran journalist and former director of Economic Monitoring Unit in the Internal Security Organisation, Teddy Seezi Cheeye, has been laid to rest today at Namatogonya village in Luweero district.

Veteran journalist and former director of Economic Monitoring Unit in the Internal Security Organisation, Teddy Seezi Cheeye, has been laid to rest today at Namatogonya village in Luweero district.

Cheeye, founder and editor of The Uganda Confidential, was knocked dead by a speeding boda boda cyclist on Thursday at Nakawa, Kampala.

Cheeye's body was lowered to the grave at around 5pm. The lay leader of Buzirandulu Catholic Church, Lawrence Kigozi, who lead the funeral service asked the mourners to use lent season to seek God and repent because they will never know when they will be called to heaven.

Veteran Journalists, Politicians, friends and relatives travelled to Namatogonya village in Butuntumula Sub County to pay final respects to Cheeye.

Speaker after speaker praised Cheeye for being a courageous journalist, intelligent, an economist and a loving father.

President Yoweri Museveni said that Uganda had lost an educated journalist and an economist who is irreplaceable.

In a message read by State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi, Museveni warned motorists against recklessness because accidents were not only killing many people but destroying the country's image abroad.

Museveni said that Uganda is now ranked in Africa with highest accidents something Ugandans should think about and drive carefully.

Museveni vowed that the cyclist who knocked Cheeye dead will be found to face the law for reckless driving.

// Cue in: "Tufiriddwa abantu …
Cue Out;….era avunanibwa."//

Annet Cheeye, the widow and the orphans described Cheeye as a loving father whom they will miss but will always celebrate his great works on earth.

Sam Kyakulagira, the Former Chaplain of Luzira Prison and a friend said by the time he died Cheeye had accepted Jesus as his saviour .

Kyakulagira added that Cheeye was a disciplined inmate during his time at Luzirawhere he spent more than six years of his10-year sentence for corruption. The deceased journalist reportedly wrote four books while in Luzira and was set to release them starting this year.

Kyakulagira said that Cheeye had forgiven his tormentors and reconciled with some people he had wronged during his career in journalism.

Captain Jones Rugumya, the Regional Internal Security Officer for Northern Buganda, who represented the Director of Internal Security Organisation, said that Cheeye was inspirational to many and instrumental in nationbuilding during his stay at the Organisation.

Opposition politician Wafula Oguttu, one of The Daily Monitor founders, described Cheeye as a pillar of investigative journalism in Uganda who held the government accountable and is incomparable to current journalists.

He also criticised journalists for judging Cheeye harshly and failing to send condolence messages at his burial.

//Cue in: "He Contributed a lot….
Cue Out;…government money."// 

Cheeye was one of the founding members of The Daily Monitor newspaper alongside Charles Onyango Obbo, David Ouma Balikowa and Wafula Oguttu among others.

Cheeye died at age of 60 and is survived by widow and three children.


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