Museveni's Posters in Fort-Portal Destroyed

1257 Views Fort Portal, Uganda
A group of suspected hooligans have raided the NRM Party offices in Fort-portal and destroyed posters of the Presidential candidate for NRM Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The gang raided the NRM offices located on Kaboyo road in the heart of Fort Portal on Tuesday night. Godfrey Nyakahuma, the NRM district chairperson, told journalists in Fort-portal that all posters bearing Museveni portraits were brought down and torn to pieces. Kiiza Besigye's posters then replaced the posters. Nyakahuma does not rule out the possibility that the gang could have been comprised of people from the Opposition FDC party. Nyakahuma says that the NRM supporters in Fort-Portal are very bitter by Tuesday night's incident. Godfrey Mugabe, the Kabarole district Yellow leader Brigade who heads the team supplying Museveni's posters, says that in Kacwamba and Kasusu trading centers in Fort Portal municipality, all the posters of president Museveni have been removed from the buildings and electrical poles. Mugabe also says that the people have removed Museveni's posters on electrical polls and billboards along Fort Portal - Mpanga market road. The NRM chairman says that he has asked the police to deploy heavily at their office to avoid future occurrences. A meeting between the Regional Police Commander, Kwanya Wilson and the DPC Joseph Kihamba, is expected to find ways of controlling election campaign malpractices. The National Resistance Movement NRM party, Forum for Democratic Change FDC is the only parties with big support in Kabarole. The Uganda Federal Alliance party is also steadily gaining ground especially among the youths.


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