Musumba Uses NRM Liberation Celebration to Campaign

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When invited to give an account of how she has served as Kamuli LC V chairperson, Musumba said she has implemented the NRM Manifesto to the later and knows it more than the NRM party members.

Salaam Musumba, the Kamuli LC V chairperson has used the National Resistance Movement 30th Liberation day anniversary celebrations to campaign for her election as Kamuli Municipality Member of Parliament. 

Musumba stormed the NRM liberation day celebrations at Busota primary school on Sunday, saying it was unfair for some people to hijack the celebrations and distort the historical day. Musumba is the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party Vice Chairperson for Eastern Uganda. 

When invited to give an account of how she has served as Kamuli LC V chairperson, Musumba said she has implemented the NRM Manifesto fully and knows it more than the most NRM party members.  "As a governor of Kamuli district I have had the honor to implement the NRM Manifesto. I would like to report to the Speaker of Parliament and all the people that I have completed all the chapters in it and for sure I understand, and know the NRM Manifesto more than most of the NRM leaders," she said.
She explained that many NRM party leaders and supporters are only yellow by dress but are double edged, have blind allegiance and are ignorant of the party ideology, direction and purpose, adding that many of them find themselves lost under the multiparty dispensation. Musumba also claimed that it is the opposition that prompts the NRM party leadership to return to its goals and historical mission. 

She also observed that the peace and hype that the NRM sycophants chest thump about was delivered by blood sacrifice, adding that diverting from this historical mission will leave the party haunted by ghosts. Musumba justified her decision to contest for election as Kamuli Municipality MP, saying the young constituency needs seasoned, tested and trusted drivers to steer it and give it a footing.

"When you buy a brand new land cruiser vehicle you don't give it to a learner driver to wreck it but a seasoned one so the new Kamuli Municipality can best be handled by Salaamu forget about parties and focus on service delivery and effective representation," she told voters. She also rallied support for Rebbeca Kadaga, the speaker of parliament and incumbent Kamuli Woman Member of parliament, saying the Basoga should learn to protect and value their people and leaders and desist from being used for personal interests. 

"Under the NRM steady progress manifesto, we should boost my elder sister Kadaga who has fought relentlessly and done her best for Busoga so that we get Special Social Action programme for Busoga, and I volunteer to be the pawn," Musumba said.  Kadaga asked the residents to shun leaders who are being used to destroy and undermine Busoga. She warned to expose all involved in betraying the cause of Basoga.