NAADS Secretariat Releases Price Formula to Stop Embezzlement of Funds

3267 Views Masindi, Uganda
The secretariat of the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) has developed a price formula to which all purchases made under the program must adhere. This follows the reports of theft, fraud and mismanagement of NAADS funds in the purchase of agricultural inputs and interventions. The introduction of the price formula was announced by the NAADS board chairman, Mwalimu Musheshe, in Masindi yesterday. He said a minimum standard for NAADS operations would ensure the supply of quality items and value for money. In several districts around Uganda, farmers have likened piglets they received under NAADS to rats because they were so tiny. There are also complaints that seedlings distributed didn't germinate and hybrid chicks died only a few days after delivery. Musheshe said the price formula would rid NAADS of many of these problems. He however said the successes under NAADS far outweigh the challenges. He said NAADS will introduce training for farmers in marketing and sales to enable them to strengthen their businesses. //Cue in: "If you can't control ..." Cue out: "... stops at production."// The NAADS Executive Director, Salim Nahdy told the meeting in Masindi that the program secretariat now includes a special taskforce to stop the corruption in NAADS. He said the taskforce will ensure financial prudence and will investigate and prosecute those suspected of wrongdoing. //Cue in: "The government ..." Cue out: "... to jail"// Nahdy said the taskforce is already at work in the Busoga, Kigezi and Central Uganda regions.