National Water Shuts Down Arua Plant, 55,000 People Stranded

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Residents of Arua municipality have been left stranded as National water and sewerage corporation has stopped supply of water because of lack of water in Enyau River

Over 55,000 residents in Arua Municipality and the neighbouring areas are without water, following a decision by National Water and Sewerage Corporation to shut down its water plant in the area.
The plant was shut down over the weekend after River Enyau, the only source of water for the national water body dried up due to prolonged drought.
It is now difficult for residents to get water for both domestic use as well as in other places such as hotels and health centers.
It all started two weeks ago when National Water started rationing water. From Sunday taps have dried up completely.
Susan Mvale, one of the attendants to a patient in Arua hospital says since the water crisis started they have not been able to bath and even cook food because a jerry can of water now goes for 1500 shillings, which is too expensive. She says the hospital has no standby water source like borehole from which they could draw water.
45-year-old Clare Badaru, who operates a local restaurant in River Oli division, says if the water crisis continues for more than a week there is going to be an outbreak of water born diseases since people are now resorting drinking water from dirty sources.
Because of the water problem, Arua Municipal Council authorities are worried that the area will experience a cholera outbreak.  Jackson Dratibi, Arua municipal deputy mayor asks National Water to devise alternative ways of getting water because it is difficult for some residents to buy water that is now being sold by vendors.
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But Christopher Mwandha, the area manager for National Water and Sewerage Corporation says they were forced to shut down the water plant because there was no water.


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