NDA Closes Down 100 Drug shops for Illegal Operations

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117 clinics and drug shops have been closed following a swoop by Joint health professionals’ Councils and National Drug Authority. These health facilities were closed down after the team discovered that they were operating without practicing licenses in the five divisions of Kampala.

National Drug Authority  (NDA) has closed 117 clinics and drug shops in Kampala for operating illegally. They were closed in a joint operation conducted by officials from NDA and Joint Health professional council. The team inspected 180 facilities in the five divisions of Kampala last week.

Dr. Katumba Ssentongo, the Registrar Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioner’s Council says that 126 out of the 180 inspected facilities, were being manned by unqualified personnel. He says that some of the facilities were found wanting in the services they claimed they could provide. Dr. Katumba observed that in some clinics services like Dentistry and Genecology were advertised yet the personnel in the facilities did not have qualifications required for such procedures.

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Dr. Asuman Lukwago, the Acting  Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, admits that  the attitude of health workers could be a turn-off for patients who end up seeking services in facilities operated by unqualified personnel.
Dr. Lukwago however says that the ministry is training health workers to enable them deal with patients well. Dr. Lukwago also adds that the ministry will embark on increasing government facilities where patients will receive better treatment.

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The health Professional Councils has called on local authorities to ensure that all the closed health facilities are not reopened without clearance from the professional councils. The 25 member team will return to check the closed facilities in two weeks time. They will establish whether or not the facilities met the recommendations before they are reopened.

The Joint Health Professional Council and NDA will later move to Mukono and Wakiso Districts for inspection of unfit health facilities.

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