New Mass Graves Unearthed in Kitgum

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In short
New mass Graves have reportedly been discovered in Kitgum District which one of the parts affected by over two decades of insurgency in Northern Uganda.

The National Memory and Peace Documentation Centre (NMPDC) in Kitgum district has discovered new mass graves in Northern Uganda.
The Peace Documentation Centre Manager, Jackson Odong revealed that the ongoing massacre scoping exercise has discovered several new massacre sites with different figures across the region.
Kitgum is considered one of the least documented districts given that it was largely inaccessible during the LRA insurgency. The ongoing documentation exercise hopes to clarify and validate on the existing data and fill the information gap that has existed since end of insurgency in the North.
The Massacre scoping commenced in 2011 after the inception of NMPDC, a collaborative initiative of the Refugee Law and Kitgum district local government.
Though Odong did not divulge the locations and figures of the newly discovered massacre sites as yet, he is optimistic details of their findings will be publicly shared in the near future.
Apparently at least 44 armed revolts are recorded by peace scholars to have bedeviled Uganda since before independence. Survivors from those war ravaged regions are believed to be living with memories that need archiving.
Renowned mass murder areas in the north include the Atiak massacre of April 20, 1995 in Amuru district. Here, over 300 civilians were butchered by the notorious LRA insurgents.

On 21 February 2004, at least 500 people in Orit parish, Barlonyo Sub County in Lira district were killed by suspected Lords Resistance Armey.
Also around the same time, over 28 civilians in Opota trading centre, Omot sub in Pader district were chopped and their limbs boiled in pots in front of dozens of onlookers.

On May 19, 2004, the ruthless Lord's Resistance Army led attacks in Lukodi village and carried out another massacre killing dozens of residents. Odong further contends that the initiative will be extended to other post conflict areas like Luweero.
An estimated 100,000 civilians  may have been y killed while 1.7 million civilians displaced by the Lord's Resistance Army insurgency - Africa's longest running conflict.