New Mbale Town Clerk Promises Radical Change to the Municipality

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"Shape up or ship out," he tells the corrupt Mbale Municipal councilors.

A new Town Clerk has been appointed to Mbale. Joseph Kimbowa, the former Town Clerk of Entebbe, vows to bring an end to laziness and corruption in the municipality by speedily sacking all errant public servants.
Mbale Municipality was dogged by one corruption scandal after the other over the past five years. A special committee was set up to investigate illegal awarding of tenders, illegal sale of land and mismanagement of public finances. However it had little effect. The Mayor of Mbale was interdicted and arrested, but reports of financial impropriety continued.
Most recently the former Town Clerk, Norbert Turihikayo was interdicted for the fraudulent purchase of 1,200 acres of land in Bulambuli district.
Joseph Kimbowa takes on a position with numerous problems, but he promises to bring sanity to Mbale. He says staff who want to keep their jobs should either “shape up or ship out” of the municipality. He says the honeymoon is over and real change will start now.
Kimbowa says his first impressions of Mbale were not good. He was shocked to find people selling jackfruit at Mbale Clock Tower roundabout, in the middle of the central business district.
The municipal council has welcomed the new Town Clerk, but some councilors have warned him that the temptation to be compromised by ill-minded politicians is strong.
Hawa Naiga the Deputy Mayor claims that councilors and members of the contracts committee are awarding public tenders under very shady circumstances. She says they doctor minutes of meeting to award tenders to their relatives and friends and even go as far as holding meetings at night.