New Tooro Kingdom Premier: I will Not Be Compromised

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Steven Kaliba, the New Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister says that he will ensure that every one is left to perform their duties without interference

The newly elected Tooro Prime Minister, Steven Kaliba has vowed not to be compromised while carrying out his duties.
Kaliba, the former Fort Portal Municipality Member of Parliament, was appointed premier by King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru. He replaced Amos Mugisa, who resigned three weeks ago, citing interference in his work. 
Kaliba’s appointment was on Saturday approved by the Kingdom parliament, the Orukurato.
His appointment comes at a time, when there have been several changes in the post.
However in an interview with Uganda Radio Network on Tuesday in Fort Portal, Kaliba said that he will ensure that everybody performs their role, and won’t allow people outside the Kingdom administration to interfere in his work and that of the entire administration. 
Kaliba said that he understands the difficulties the past Kingdom premiers have been going through, but said that kingdom subjects should give him the benefit of doubt, because he is sure he will succeed.
//Cue in: “there has been great fear…
Cue out: “…on the face of Tooro.”//
Asked about what plans he has for the kingdom subjects, who seem to have lost hope and trust in the Kingdom, because of the unending conflicts in the kingdom, Kaliba says that his administration will bring the youths closer to the kingdom by setting up income generating projects, providing  bursaries and reviving the clan football tournaments.
On mismanagement of kingdom assets such as land, which has been sold and leased off illegally, Kaliba says that he will streamline the Kingdom land board to ensure effectiveness in management of all kingdom assets and proper accountability of funds accruing from sale and lease of all kingdom assets. 
//Cue in: “we have challenges…
Cue out: “…put up a strong land board.”//
However there are mixed feelings from some residents of Fort Portal about the appointment of Kaliba.
Fred Musinguzi says that Kaliba will suffer the same fate as the past premiers. Musinguzi says that as long as some individuals don’t stop interfering in the administration of the Kingdom, there will never be peace in the Kingdom.
He says that the committee set up to review the kingdom constitution should include provisions, which emphasize the roles of the Kingdom and palace administration.   
But Gertrude Balinda says that Kaliba will unite and bring people closer to the Kingdom and love their King.
//Cue in: “I am looking forward to Kaliba….
Cue out: “…the light has been so deem.”//
Kaliba is the eighth Tooro kingdom premier, since the restoration of cultural institutions. Others have been John Sanyu Katuramu, Steven Rwakijuma, David Rusa, Stephen Irumba, William Nyakatura, Dr. Apollo Karugaba and Amos Mugisa. 


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