Njeru Family Arrested for Human Sacrifice

2295 Views Mukono, Uganda
A man, his wife and son are in police custody in Mukono for allegedly participating in child sacrifice. 48-year-old Moses Omiat, his wife Betty and his son Samuel are residents of Nyanza Quarters in Njeru Town Council. They were arrested yesterday for abducting Caroline Likiso, an eight-year-old girl, and murdering her in a primitive ritual sacrifice. Likiso's father, Christopher Baronzin, says she went missing on January 26th. He says he was horrified when he was informed by the police that his daughter's body was found decomposing in a bush not far fro his home. Likiso's head was partially severed and her tongue was cut out of her mouth. Andrew Gidoi, the officer in charge of Njeru Police Station, says the Omiat are primary suspects in the murder because the little girl was last seen at their home. He says a fourth suspect, Stephen Kiroko, has also been arrested in connection with the murder. Cases of human sacrifice have been on the rise in the past two years, particularly in eastern and central Uganda. Although a police unit was established specifically to investigate this, it isn't yet known what led to the trend and no real solutions have been offered to stop it. Human sacrifice is believed to be as old as humanity. The earliest available records of it date back to ancient cultures in the Near East, Europe, Pre-Colombian America, West Africa and the Pacific Islands. Despite its frequency, manuscripts available all condemn it as reprehensible, even for the cultures of the time.