North Eastern Uganda- South Sudan Road Commissioned

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A new road linking northeastern Uganda to Southern Sudan has been commissioned. The 183km road stretch from Kotido to Kaabong through Kapedo-Lomej-and Kanagorok, is intended to boost bilateral trade between Uganda and southern Sudan. The road was officially commissioned on Sunday by Aston Kajara, Uganda's Sate Minister for Karamoja Affairs and Dario Sabina, southern Sudan's East Equatorial State Minister of Information and Communication. Both ministers said that the new North Eastern Uganda-southern Sudan route, would be vital in improving the Socio-Economic Development among pastoral communities in Uganda and southern Sudan through free trade and movement of goods. The two Ministers have also agreed to establish central markets along their common border, to streamline taxation and curb illicit trade in arms and Lira-Lira, a potent gin widely consumed by the Karamojong and the Dinka tribesmen. Several people in Karamoja are optimistic that the new route to southern Sudan will boost their business prospects with southern Sudan. Gabriel Ilukol, a Kaabong based businessman says he hopes to begin exporting construction materials and essential commodities like maize flour and clothes to New Kuch in Southern Sudan. // Cue in: iI shall sell#i Cue out i#and you go and selli // The Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) is however opposed to the new road stretch through Kidepo National Game Park and has ordered the road works to be stopped. Henry Tusubira, the Kidepo Game Park Chief Warden, explains that an environmental impact assessment must be carried out before the authorities can approve the custom offices on the parkland. // Cue in: iYou have to#i Cue out i#which we havei // Government intends to construct a central market and customs offices at the Uganda-Sudan border, on land which is gazzetted for Kidepo National Game Park.


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