Northern MPs Bicker Over OPM Hand Hoes

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Okumu the Aswa MP says that he will not give Acire the over 5000 hoes since Acire has disassociated himself from the Acholi parliamentary group.

A row has broken out between the MP for Aswa county Reagan Okumu and Gulu municipality MP Christopher Acire over hand hoes given by the Office of the Prime Minister to eradicate poverty in northern Uganda.

According Christopher Acire, the Aswa county MP Reagan Okumu has seized over 5000 hoes that Acire is supposed to distribute to the people of Gulu Municipality which is the area he represents.

 Acire says that Okumu is using his position as the chairperson Acholi parliamentary group to take charge of the distribution and yet he was not consulted and he is not the rightful person to distribute the hoes.

He accuses Reagan of using his driver and getting hoes that belong to the people of Gulu Municipality so as to give an impression that he lobbied for them.

The hand hoes that were released early this month through the office of the prime minister is meant to help people in northern Uganda who are still in the recovery program in farming, each constituency in Northern Uganda is meant to receive 5000 hand hoes.

Acire now says he has reported the matter to the police so that Reagan can return back the hoes.

Meanwhile Okumu, the Aswa MP, says that he will not give Acire the over 5000 hoes since Acire has disassociated himself from the Acholi parliamentary group.

He says that Acire has also failed to represent the people of Gulu since he has not been attending public functions in Gulu and also failing to speak in Parliament.

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Okumu now says he will distribute the hoes by himself to the people of Gulu Municipality instead of Acire.

URN has learnt the incumbent Gulu MP Acire hopes to unseat Okumu from Aswa instead of his current constituency of Gulu Municiplaity.

Recently Christopher Acire distributed over 2000 houses in Aswa county which Reagan Okumu is a member of Parliament.

Acire however says that the hoes that he distributed was under his radio station Gulu FM which is giving back to the community and is business oriented and not political.

He warned that he will not allow Okumu to distribute hoes that he stole in the Municipality adding that they are ready to arrest Okumu.

Meanwhile Reagan Okumu, who says he has pictures of Acire distributing hand hoes in his constituency states that he is not worried about Acire's candidature in Aswa, but empahasised that they will see when the time for elections comes.

Although the hoes were released the constituencies are yet to reacieve them.