NRM Chairpersons, Mobilizers Top List of Beneficiaries Under Operation Wealth Creation Program


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However, the cows were distributed to NRM party sub county chairpersons, mobilizers and some key opinion leaders.

The National Resistance Movement party chairpersons and cadres in Lira district have topped the list of the first batch of beneficiaries under the Operation Wealth Creation program. Recently, Lira district procured 300 Friesians cows under program, which is being implemented by the army.
However, the cows were distributed to NRM party sub county chairpersons, mobilisers and some key opinion leaders. The beneficiaries include  Patrick Okwir, the NRM chairperson Barr sub county, David Oketch, Amach Sub county, Richard Okello, Agweng Sub county,  Tom Okello Owani, Aromo Sub county, Dick Ogwal, Adyel Sub county, Milton Ecan, Ojwina Sub county,  Geoffrey Obote, Central Division and Anthony Ekwan, Ogur sub county.

Others are Alfred Ebong, Agali Sub County, Antero Odongo, Ngetta Sub county, Christine Okaka, Adekokwok Sub county, Jane Ote, Lira Sub county and Moses Opio,Lira municipality.

The opinion leaders include Rtd. Col.Tonny Otoa, the Lango Culture and security minister, Yosam Odur, the Lango Paramount chief, Rev. John Charles Odur Kami, Bishop Lango Diocese, Rev. Joseph Franzeli, Bishop Lira diocese, Medina Okeng, District woman councilor and Rev. Tom Ibrahim Okello, the Bishop Elim Church.
Colonel Bosco Omure, the commander Operation Wealth Creation in Charge of Lango region says they decided to give the cows to cadres and party officials to empower them economically so as supervise and monitor government programs. 
He says the support will be extended to everybody irrespective of their political and religious affiliation saying poverty has no boundary since it affects everybody including those in the opposition.
Emmanuel Ogwal Agweno, a resident of Lira town describes the decision to distribute the animals to politicians as a political reward. He asks the implementers of the program to stick to the guidelines if it is to achieve its objectives.
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Lawrence Egole, the Lira district NRM chairperson says the animals were given to NRM cadres in line with a presidential pledge to support and empower them. Patrick Okwir, the NRM chairperson Barr Sub County says that President Yoweri Museveni pledged to empower them when they visited him at state house last year.

George Odongo, the Lira RDC warns residents against politicizing the program saying it is meant for everybody. He advises residents to focus on improving their agricultural productivity saying it has a huge impact on raising household incomes.


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