NRM Party Primaries Halted Over Boundary Dispute


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Some voters from Nyabibwa and Busaiga villages, who had turned up to cast their votes, were surprised to find their names missing from the register.

NRM party primaries in six villages bordering Kabarole and Ntoroko districts have been halted over a boundary dispute.  The affected villages are Kinyamisigiri, Nyabibwa, Busaiga, Mabale, Bulyambuzi and Kinyamanyege.

Both Kabarole and Ntoroko districts have claimed ownership of the affected districts. Kabarole claims the villages are in Kichwamba Sub County while Ntoroko insists they are part of Nombe Sub County.

The NRM primaries that started at 12:00 pm suffered another setback when party officials from both districts deployed separate polling officials creating confusion among the voters.

Some voters from Nyabibwa and Busaiga villages, who had turned up to cast their votes, were surprised to find their names missing from the register. They were told to check with the Ntoroko NRM party registrar. 

The angry voters however demanded for explanations from Kichwamba Sub County NRM party officials why their names were in Ntoroko and yet they registered in Kabarole district. 

Moses Mwirumumbi, the presiding officer at Busaiga village polling station says he was surprised when another polling officer claiming to be from Ntoroko, came to the polling area with another register.  

Some of the people who had flocked the polling stations with hope of voting got stranded. John Baguma, one of the voters at Bulyambuzi polling station says that he has for several years voted from Kichwamba Sub County but he was surprised that his name was missing from the register and the polling station was manned by party officials from Ntoroko district.

During a meeting held at 4:00 pm between Kichwamba and Nombe Sub County party officials, the elections were suspended pending clarity on who should take charge of the process. Some of the votes that had been cast were also destroyed in the presence of the voters. 

Patrick Kamulindwa, the Kabarole District NRM Party Registrar promised to meet his counterpart in Ntoroko over the matter. Kamulindwa was optimistic that voting will resume on Tuesday.

Charles Businge, the LC3 chairperson Kichwamba Sub County blames the Local Government Ministry for failing to settle the dispute. Businge says the sub county authorities have written several letters to the ministry over the matter, but there hasn't been any response.

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Last year, Richard Rwabuhinga, the Kabarole District Chairperson petitioned Adolf Mwesige, the Minister of Local Government seeking his immediate intervention over the dispute. 

NRM is conducting its primaries for the women, elderly, youths and village committees in Eastern, Western, Northern and Karamoja regions.


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