NRM Support in Burahya Under Threat of Sectarian Politics

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Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Sectarian politics is threatening to split the NRM party votes in Burahya County in Kabarole district. The split stems from the divided loyalty to the candidates by the party's, District executive committee. Rabwoni Okwiri, standing as an independent candidate, is commanding a measurable support, just as Steven Kagwera, the incumbent and NRM official candidate. But the divided vote is being manifested through the tribal sentiments being engineered mainly by the Batooro, Bakiga, Bafumbira and Banyarwanda. The majority batooro community in Burahya County is supporting Okwiri while the minority Bakiga, Bafumbira and Banyarwanda communities are supporting Kagwera. In Kijura trading center, a big banner with the words 'we should vote for the son of the soil and not visitors' written on it, shows the support Okwir is commanding. Okwiri and his supporters have held several meetings with Mary Baguma Nyakwera, the Kabarole district NRM party vice chairperson, with the intention of unseating Kagwera. The voters in the constituency say that the sectarian tendencies may take precedence over the issues affecting them. But Nyakwera denies promoting sectarianism and dividing the NRM in the constituency. She says that the meetings are aimed at requesting Okwiri to join the NRM party. Beatrice Nyakisiki, a resident of Kijura town council is worried that voting based on tribal sentiments could spell doom for the voters. //Cue in: "this problem of tribalism..." Cue out: "...leaders who will bring us development."// Johnson Kabishanga, an aspiring candidate for LC3 chairperson Kyetamba town council in Hakibale Sub County, says that leaders should serve all people in the area irrespective of tribe. He says that voters should not elect leaders who are using sectarianism to gain support. //Cue in: "a person stands to be..." Cue out: "...are not voted."// Okwiri says that there is nothing wrong being supported by NRM members but denies promoting sectarianism. Kagwera says that he is not threatened by the actions of his fellow colleagues in the party. He says that the voters will decide and he is sure to win. Godfrey Nyakahuma, says that the split of the party in the constituency will give the IPC official candidate, Chris Galihamutwe an advantage in the elections.


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Emmanuel Kajubu
Emmanuel Kajubu is proud to have been the first Ugandan journalist to write in depth pieces about the Tooro Kingdom institution. His knowledge of the inner workings of the Tooro Kingdom is what made him privy to the splits in the royal family. These splits almost challenged Tooro Omukama Oyo Nyimba Iguru's reign.

Culture, agriculture and the environment are just two areas of many of interest to Kajubu. As long as he has held a pen, Kajubu has also written about public policy, health and crime.

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