NRM Village Campaign Teams Reject Cash

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NRM village campaign teams in Lwamata Sub County in Kiboga have rejected the money released by the party headquarters for their facilitation claiming that it is too little. Recently the ruling National Resistance Movement campaign task force recruited village campaign teams across the country. Each of the village campaign team is entitled to shillings 150,000 for facilitating the foot soldiers combing the villages to explain the party achievements for the past 25 years and campaign manifesto. Each of the 30 members of the campaign team is entitled to shillings 5000 facilitation for their work. But in Lwamata sub county instead of shillings 150,000 is entitled too each of the 56 village campaign teams was given money ranging between shillings 50,000 and 80,000. As a result members of the village campaign teams have rejected the money. Godfrey Ssekate, Katanzige, Lwamata Sub county Village teams chairperson says that he was surprised out of 150,000shillings the party village campaign team is entitled to receive, they were only given 50,000. Ssekate says that he has handed back the money to the district party leadership because they have swindling the bigger portion of the money. He says they are planning to petition the district party chairperson Ruth Nankabiirwa, over the matter. He however says that despite this they will continue hunting votes for the party candidates and sacrifice as they have always done. David Karwanyi, Lwamata Sub County NRM chairperson says that says that he is yet to establish why the party secretariat could not stick to its promise to release shillings 150,000 per village. He suspects foul play saying that he will expose whoever is behind the scam for trying to bring shame to he party. Sam Sebagereka, Kiboga district NRM Administrative Secretary says that the responsibility of distributing the money was given to Lt Grace Ssozi. Lt Grace Ssozi from the National campaign coordinating task force says that she has instructed that the money be put back on the account until the matter is rectified. She calls for calm citing that every thing possible is being done to resolve the be done in the shortest time for the good of the ruling party


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