NRM youth brigade scares the opposition in Adjumani

3582 Views Adjumani, Uganda
Supporters of the opposition Uganda Peoples Congress in Adjumani district say they are living in fear following the alleged creation of National Resistance Movement youth group. UPC officials say the alleged brigade of over one thousand young people is aimed at frightening the opposition and disruption their rallies. UPC's general secretary for Adjumani district, Joseph Okeny accuses the resident district commissioner, Baker Dudu, as being behind the brigade. He adds that the group is a mixture of three young people chosen from all the villages of the district. Okeny says what worries them is that the youths roam at will armed with sticks and batons. The UPC official says they are fearful that due to the presence of the brigade Adjumani district may not have free and fair elections next year unless the group is reigned in. The Adjumani RDC Baker Dudu confirmed the existence of the group saying it is aimed at ensuring President Yoweri Museveni wins next year's election with, as he put it, "flying colors". Dudu assured the opposition that the group is not there to beat them but rather to boost their party and engage in productive activities. The Adjumani district National Resistance Movement chairman Ben Anyama said the brigade is big enough to counter opposition moves in the district. Adjumani district has a history of electoral violence. In 2006, there were acrimonious rivalries between NRM and opposition supporters in the district.