Ntungamo Schools Stuck With Dilapidated Structures

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Jackson Kamugagwire, the head teacher Rukukuru primary school says their hands are tied as they luck funds to setup new classes.

Several schools in Ntungamo district are stuck with dilapidated structures forcing pupils to study under tree shades. Records from the District Education and Planning Departments show, that each of the 242 primary schools in Ntungamo has dilapidated structures.  

The dilapidated structures are made of mud and wattle. Despite outliving their lifespan, some of the structures are still in use. Pupils use cow dung to maintain the structures to make them habitable. In some of the schools, parents have erected temporarily classroom structures using wood and iron sheets.

Rukukuru primary school in Kayonza Sub County in Rushenyi County is one of the affected schools. The dilapidated structures were built in the late 1960s. Currently, pupils forego studies on Fridays to apply cow dung in their classrooms and allow it enough time to dry before the classes are used on Monday.

Jackson Kamugagwire, the head teacher Rukukuru primary school says their hands are tied as they luck funds to setup new classes. He says they are looking up to the district leadership for support. Sabbit Rubegyemere is an old boy of the school. According to Rubegyemere, the only option is to mobilise old students to come to the rescue of the school.

At Kakindo primary school parents used timber off cuts to put up classrooms. Johnson Turyakiira, a parent at Kakindo primary school says they took the decision after realizing that their children were studying in the open. Odo Arigye, the Ntungamo District Education Officer told our reporter that the state of the schools in the district is appalling.

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Arigye says parents have stepped in to keep the schools running.

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According to Arigye, the District leadership is focusing on putting up toilet facilities at the school since the lack of toilets compromises sanitation.


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