One Arrested for Bribing Magistrate

1403 Views Kibaale, Uganda
Police in Kibaale have arrested a man for allegedly attempting to bribe the Grade One Magistrate, in Kibaale. The suspect is Tumwebaze Farah, a resident of Kigambanakwale Village, in Bukwiri Sub County Kiboga District. Tumwebaze's mother has a case to answer in court related to a land wrangle. Eric Wabwire, the Acting District Crime Investigations officer, says preliminary investigations show that that Tumwebaze's mother has been involved in a long standing Land Conflict. On Wednesday, Tumwebaze brought to court an envelope claiming that it was a message for Benson Semondo, the grade one magistrate. On opening the envelope, the magistrate found 100,000 shillings tucked inside. The magistrate quickly alerted the police leading to Tumwebaze's arrest. The Crimes investigations officer explains that the money was meant to influence the Grade One Magistrate, to handle the case in their favor. The CID says that Tumwebaze will be prosecuted in court and charged with bribery and Corruption. This is not the first time such an incident is taking place in Kibaale. In August, two teenagers were arrested by the Kibaale District Criminal Investigations Officer, Micheal Ogwal, for allegedly presenting an envelope enclosed with 200,000 shillings. The money was meant to bribe the officer into disposing off a murder case.


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