Kayihura Should Take Responsibility For Misconduct -Opposition

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The call follows the brutal assault of supporters of former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye last week.

The Opposition wants the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kale Kayihura to take responsibility for the unprofessional conduct of junior officers.
The call follows the brutal assault of supporters of former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye last week and the subsequent trial of the junior officers.
The Opposition points that the junior officers were implementing orders from the top leadership and therefore, they should be tried together with top leadership of the force.

Speaking to URN in an interview, Norbert Mao, the President of Democratic Party says he was disappointed to hear Kayihura defend the beating of civilians by police officers.
According to Mao, the "reckless" statements made by Kayihura clearly shows that he is not in control of the force and it would be better if he resigns from the position honorably before he is embarrassed by members of the public.
On July 12 and 13th heavily armed anti-riot police alongside with others in plain cloth indiscriminately beat supporters of opposition politicians Dr. Kizza Besigye when he was released from Luzira government prison and the next day while going to FDC headquarters in Najjanakumbi.
The beating of civilians by the police officers under the watch of their commanders attracted public outrage against the force from both the public and government officials who called for prosecution of those involved in the attack on innocent civilians.
While addressing the weekly press briefing at their party headquarters on Tuesday, Kenneth Kakande, the spokesperson of DP reiterated the call by his president to have the IGP take responsibility for presiding over a force that is not respecting rights of civilians.
//Cue in: "I believe that investigations…"
Cue out: …General Kale Kayihura."//
Ibrahim Semujju, spokesperson of FDC demands that Kayihura and his top commanders should be investigated for recruiting and training people to beat opposition supporters outside the police ranks.
He says if Kayihura and other top leaders of the force don't take responsibility for the abuses, as a party, they will mobilise Ugandans against the force within two weeks.
However Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson says since the violent incident happened, those who participated are already facing the law.
He says "that clearly shows that the leadership of the force is not happy with the way the officers conducted themselves when they attempted to prevent people from following" former FDC presidential candidate during the two occassions.
On Monday, the police force charged at least five of its officers and one crime preventer who participated in the beating of civilians after receiving complaints from members of the public.


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