Opposition Candidates Decampaign Proposed Kasese District Split

4988 Views Kasese, Uganda
The proposed splitting of Kasese into three new districts is a contentious campaign issue in the Rwenzori district. On October 26th the Kasese district council passed a resolution to create three new districts: Rwenzori, Kasese and Bwera. However not everyone is on board with the plan. Opposition Members of Parliament have joined the King of Rwenzururu, Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma, in calling for the postponement of district split. Over the weekend Mumbere said the people of Kasese were not consulted on the proposal to split the district. He said the proposal was selfish, intended to boost the political profiles of those behind it. Christopher Kibanzanga the MP for Busongora South who is campaigning to be the next LC5 chairman of Kasese says the time is not right to the splitting of Kasese. Like Mumbere, he blames the current LC5 chairman, Julius Kithaghenda and the district speaker, John Baguma, of campaigning for the division for the district for selfish gain. Kibanzanga says there is no evidence that the people of Kasese want additional districts. He says the only evidence available is that without the resources in and around of Kasese Municipality, the rest of the district will be impoverished. Kibanzanga warns that the splitting of the district may cause a popular uprising against the local leaders. Yokasi Bihande Bwambale, the Bukonzo East MP, also opposes the proposal. He says the LC5 chairman and the district speaker realized they had no political future, having lost the NRM primary elections. He accuses them of attempting to create new constituencies Winfred Kiiza, the incumbent Kasese Woman MP, wants the proposal to split the district put to a wider vote before it can be approved. ###