Opposition In Parliament Seeks Deputy LOP Position


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Winnie Kiiza, Leader of Opposition LOP in Parliament says the Rules of Procedure should be amended to allow for a deputy LOP to be able to efficiently run the opposition secretariat.

Opposition legislators want the position of Deputy Leader of Opposition created in the law.

Winnie Kiiza, Leader of Opposition (LOP) in Parliament says the Rules of Procedure should be amended to allow for a deputy LOP to be able to efficiently run the opposition secretariat.
In her submission to the Rules, Privileges and Discipline committee today, Kiiza noted that the absence of the LOP has often created a leadership gap in Parliament, prompting the Opposition chief whip to step in.
Kiiza says the Deputy LOP will also provide leadership to opposition MPs; present alternative policies to those of government, appoint members to and chair the Shadow cabinet where the LOP, who is provided for in the Administration of Parliament Act, is absent.
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Cue Out:...Vice President."//
Also among the amendments proposed by Kiiza is introduction of a clause to distinguish between the party referred to as the official opposition, which has the highest number of MPs and other parties that are in opposition.
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However, this proposal was questioned by a section of MPs including Emmanuel Ssempala, Makindye Ssabagabo MP, who says opposition parties should have been consulted on the matter.
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Abbas Agaba, Kitagwenda County MP, suggested that in FDC's quest to be recognised as official opposition, it should at least cede certain key positions including Deputy LOP to other opposition parties.
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Pallisa County MP Jacob Opolot said that defining FDC as the bigger party may split the opposition.
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Cue Out:...number of seats."//
While Agago North MP, Professor Ogenga Latigo supported the creation of the Deputy LOP position, he was against a proposal to create the Leader of Opposition's time, similar to Prime Minister's time, where MPs may put questions to the LOP relating to actions of opposition parties represented in Parliament.
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The committee is holding hearings to amend the Rules of Procedure, which which regulate the conduct of MPs, both in the chamber and committees of Parliament.


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