Ozone Therapy Lands Kampala Doctor in Trouble

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Police in Kampala have arrested a doctor for using Ozone therapy to treat his patients. Dr. Sammy Wesonga, a medical doctor from Malaysia, was arrested on Friday following reports that he has treated more than 40 people using Ozone therapy. He is also accused of operating a health facility without a practicing license. Ozone Therapy is a medically proven method in which Ozone gas is bubbled directly into the patient's blood, or blood taken from the patient after which the blood would be re-infused. But Dr Wesonga says that his woes stem from the ignorance by medical authorities about the effectiveness of Ozone therapy. //Cue in: iYou can not # Cue out: #to oxygen is God.i// Dr. Wesonga was recently arrested and locked up by the authorities in Kenya for using oxygen to treat patients. He was however released without charge, following the intervention of one of his clients. Today, Dr. Wesonga was in the presence of the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kaihura forced to demonstrate how the oxygen therapy works. The process was witnessed by a team of medical doctors from the Uganda Medical and Dental practitioner's council. The team led by , Prof. Medi Kawuma, was shown how Blood is drawn from the body through different tubes into a chamber where oxygen is introduced in blood and pumped back through another set of tubes. The Doctors demanded to know how blood is kept safe outside the body. Dr Wesonga's attempt to explain the safety of the blood was rubbished by Prof. Kawuma and his team as non-existent. //Cue in: iWe are dealing# Cue out: #what he is doing.i// Speaking to Journalists in Kampala, the Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura, described Dr Wesonga as a quack Doctor whose motive is to rip the ignorant patients of their money. Kayihura said that a team of detectives will work with medical practitioner's councils to investigate Dr. Wesonga's activities. He says that more charges could be brought against the doctor. This is not the first time in Uganda that actions of some Doctors are being challenged by the authorities. In 2003, the National Drug Authority banned the use of Mariandina pills which were being exported from the UK as Vitamin supplements but sold in Uganda as a cure for Aids. The Mariandina pills were being promoted by the late Professor Charles Ssali, who claimed that the supplement could cure Aids in the same way that oranges cured scurvy in the 18th century. The National Drug Authority however banned the vitamin supplements on grounds that patients were being duped into buying a worthless treatment which left them impoverished and unable to buy food. Again in 2006, the Director of Elahi International Initiatives, Prof. Allagholi Elahi, was arrested for manufacturing and distributing of Khomeini I, the alleged AIDS cure. Government banned the use and distribution of Khomeini, saying extensive tests had shown that the drug did not cure AIDS as alleged by Elahi International Initiatives. Today, Prof. Allagholi Elahi, was fined one million shillings or two years imprisonment for his involvement in the manufacture and distribution of an alleged cure for AIDS called Khomeini I. In April 2006, Members of Parliament demanded that since government had declared Khomeini I completely ineffective in curing AIDS, Elahi, who had sold the drug on false pretense, should receive the full penalty of the law. On December 9th Proffesor Elahi was arrested on the orders of the Director General of Health Services, Dr. Sam Zaramba. He was accused of to Manufacturing and supplying an illegal drug. But in his stament at the CID headquarters, Professor Elahi maintained that Khomeini I, II and III were not a drug, but a herb. In her ruling this afternoon, Buganda road court chief magistrate, Margaret Tibulya, said that prosecution has proved beyond reasonable doubt that between 1st November 2005 and 25th April 2006, Prof. Allagholi Elahi, manufactured drugs without the approval of the National Drug Authority. He was also charged with supplying his drugs without a genuine certificate of operation. Court heard that Prof Elahi, defied the law, by advertising the fake drugs in the media. The Chief Magistrate, the offense committed by Professor Elahi was serious because it involved people's lives. She ruled that all exhibits be destroyed and the accused was given 14days to pay a one million shilling or face a two-year-jail sentence.


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